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Semantic Grid Tools for Rural Policy Development & Appraisal

PolicyGrid is a research Node of the National Centre for e-Social Science (NCeSS). NCeSS is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) to investigate how innovative and powerful computer-based infrastructure and tools developed over the past five years under the UK e-Science programme can benefit the social science research community. PolicyGrid involves a collaboration between computer scientists and social scientists at the University of Aberdeen, the Macaulay Institute (Aberdeen) and elsewhere in the UK. The project aims to support policy-related research activities within social science by developing appropriate Grid middleware tools which meet the requirements of social science practitioners. The vision of the Semantic Grid is central to the PolicyGrid research agenda. more


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Tools & Links
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Software & Demos:

The Virtual Research Environment developed by PolicyGrid to provide a social network for researchers with tools to better enable collaboration and management.

Shows a demo of the features of a metadata elicitation tool, which lets the user specify metadata by editing a natural language feedback text.

Squanto Demo
Shows a demo of the features of a Grid-enabled qualitative analysis tool; supports both free-text and structured (ontology-based) coding of text.

Upload Fearlus Simulation Parameters
Shows a single simulation performed using the FEARLUS desktop tool and how to upload simulation parameters into the Grid services.

Constructing a FearlusG Argument
Shows how to construct a simple scientific argument using the instances available in the FearlusG My Workspace interface.